Cutting Edge Partners is a closely held business. As such, we understand the unique opportunities and challenges business owners face. Small business planning has multiple factors to address and nuances to consider and pulls owners in multiple directions that can be overwhelming to navigate. From addressing tax benefits to evaluating loan offers to compensating key employees, every day brings a new operational need to manage. And our team can help you ensure you never have to make these financial decisions alone.

We are here to help you create a sound financial plan for your business that includes essential details, such as:

  • Taking full advantage of available tax benefits, retirement plans, and executive compensation techniques
  • Protecting yourself and your business assets from the risks that can create business interruption
  • Exploring ways to take on a new partner, incorporate, or acquire commercial real estate
  • Evaluating key person insurance options
  • Reviewing loan offers, when needed
  • Managing cash flow
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